This is the heartwarming story of a mother dog who, despite the fact that she has a broken leg, manages to save her entire litter of pups from a burning house.

She was discovered by volunteers from the Stray Rescue of St. Louis, who noticed her limping out of a dense woody area near a busy highway and called for help.

They rushed to the scene to try to help the injured pup, but they soon observed that she was nursing, which indicated that there may be other puppies nearby.

It didn’t take long for them to locate the mother and her pups in the dense undergrowth, which they did after inspecting the dense undergrowth.

They came and uncovered a small den that was home to thirteen gorgeous tiny pups, whom they took care of.

From the looks of it, the injured mother managed to drag the pups into this little, makeshift burrow through the undergrowth one by one.

All of the puppies were put into a crate that would be taken away and reunited with their mother at the animal shelter.
Mother was awaiting surgery to repair a fracture in her leg, while her pups were being examined by a veterinarian and prepped for placement.

It only goes to show that a mother would makeĀ an effort to provide for her children, and dogs are no exception!

Watch the entire scene here:

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