When you’re unwell and on your own, it can be really sad. You require the assistance of another person. They appear to be a miracle worker when it comes to relieving your aches and pains, don’t you think?

A Pit Bull puppy was taken to the veterinarian after being stiff as a board and “frozen.” As it turned out, Bunny had contracted tetanus (otherwise known as lock-jaw). Rabbit’s owners turned her over to Dr. Ali Thompson, a veterinarian because they could no longer afford to provide her with the medical care she required.

Ali was determined not to give up on Bunny and began a strict care regimen to assist him in regaining his health. Bunny was blindfolded for a short period of time to limit stimulation because any visual stimulus would provoke a seizure in him.

While Bunny remained rigid and immobile for the next few weeks, her tail was able to wag a little. Two weeks following Ali’s return, Bunny had arranged a surprise. On her return, Ali was surprised to find Bunny standing and waving her tail! In recent months, Bunny has made considerable progress.

Ali recognized that Bunny had not only healed but that she could no longer face the thought of parting with her. After a few more weeks of care, Ali decided to officially adopt Bunny into her home.
Tetanus is a disease that affects dogs, but it’s important to note that the bacteria that causes Tetanus, Clostridium tetani, might infect them if they get a scratch or cut on their skin. The dog may acquire tetanus if the wound becomes infected, which can progress and be lethal if left untreated for too long. One of the most effective strategies for avoiding Tetanus is to carefully clean a wound and treat it with antibiotics immediately after it has been discovered.

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