They were responding to a complaint about a dog going anxiously in and out of a drainpipe as vehicles passed her by on the side of the road when they were surprised to discover three pups trapped within.

It was a chilly and snowy day when a rescue organization received a call about a dog that was acting strangely. Every time someone went by and the dog emerged to look at them, the situation was a little awkward for everyone. The dog would re-enter the drain pipe once they had passed it by again.

When the rescuers came, the dog eagerly rushed to them, seemingly unconcerned that he would be subjected to a little period of attention. As soon as one of the rescuers took a moment to inspect the pipe, he discovered three of the dog’s pups hiding within, desperately attempting to keep warm and safe.

In fact, the infants were too scared to come out of the pipe and instead gathered together towards the far end of the conduit, where they could be safely out of reach.

Immediately, the rescuers realized that they needed to do something to get the whole family to safety. They assisted the mother dog back into the pipe in the hopes that she would lead her puppies out when they called for her again in the future. The endeavor was unsuccessful.

“Don’t worry mom, we’ll bring your pups to you as soon as we can,” one of the rescuers stated after securing the dog in the car. “You have such wonderful eyes,” says the narrator.

As the evening drew nearer, the guys were more frantic to get them out. Despite their efforts, the pups were not sufficiently enticed to overcome their anxieties by food dropped in front of the entrance.

Next, by putting a huge branch through the other end of the pipe, they sought to terrify the puppies into going to the other end of the pipe. The pups whimpered, but the guys were able to bring them to safety with a broom and drag them away from danger.

They were taken inside the shelter at the end of the night for their own safety and well-being.

By Elen

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