Angel’s scars are visible on his face but don’t tell him about them. The cute Belgian Shepherd was rescued from the Chinese dog meat trade in 2015, but only after the sad pup had been scarred by the cruel dealers.

The activist group Intervene intervened and halted a truckload of dogs on their way to the butcher, saving Angel’s life. Angel’s face was severely scarred as a result of the instruments used by dog catchers to capture and transport canines.

Angel was airlifted to the United Kingdom by the wonderful people at Rushton Dog Rescue after her surgery was completed in Beijing. All it took for Hollie Cornes, a 25-year-old single mother of two, was one glance to decide she wanted to adopt Angel.

Despite the fact that she is now undergoing surgery, she will need further work and other treatments in order to ensure that the dog has a happy and healthy life. According to Cornes, Angel’s CT scan revealed that “her nose was totally covered over by mark tissue, so she wasn’t breathing through that side of the nose at all, yet a 2mm hole on the other side of the nose.”

She made the decision to do what was required to allow Angel to breathe and to not be concerned about her physical looks. She didn’t want to stress the dog out by doing anything only for the sake of appearances, so she avoided doing so. People contributed to a fundraising effort, and as a result of everyone’s generosity, precious Angel was able to have her treatment completed. Angel, according to Cornes, is doing very well these days and enjoying her best life.

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