You could simply think that his video is the cutest thing you’ve ever seen on the internet. This adorable video has warmed our hearts, and now it’s your chance to be warmed by sweetness.

Three adorable kids were peacefully resting on the sofa, as you could see in the video. Our hearts were captured and the Internet was swept up in their beauty from the moment we first saw them. It was only when the dog began to get close to them that things really became interesting. The puppies were prodded and kissed by her softly and carefully as if they were her own puppies.

Her adorable behavior demonstrated that canines, like humans, have a maternal instinct. She was conscious of their vulnerability, and she took care not to injure them. She functioned as a babysitter, making sure that no one interfered with their activities.

In the words of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, dogs have a positive impact on children’s social, emotional, and cognitive development while also encouraging them to live an active lifestyle and provide companionship. It’s no surprise that a dog is referred to as “man’s best friend,” but in this instance, it’s “kids’ best buddy.”

Watch the video below:

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