Is there anything more enjoyable than getting in your vehicle, playing on your favorite track, and driving away from somewhere? According to my experience, the number of dancing sessions you have in your vehicle, where you believe no one can see you, significantly outnumbers the number of dancing sessions you have in a nightclub.

We can learn a lot from the video below, including the fact that dogs and humans both like dancing in the vehicle to their favorite tunes while driving. When one of his favorite songs came on the radio, Adorable German Shepherd, the star of the absurd but endearing video, reacted in the most amusing way possible. The good news for the rest of us is that his owners were there to document his every action.

The dog’s ears do the most of the movement, but what’s most impressive is how well they sync with the music. To put it another way, this dog’s ears have more rhythm than some people’s whole bodies. So, if you’re searching for something to brighten your day and make you smile right now, this is the video to watch.

By Anna

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