When Bubby the Pit Bull was a puppy, a dogfighting ring used him as a bait dog to lure other dogs into combat. By the time he was rescued, he had suffered both physical and psychological injuries. He was shocked as his slender body was perforated and infected all over by the infection.

His wounds reeked of rottenness, and he was rendered entirely unable to move or speak. His name was subsequently added to the death list as a result of these adverse circumstances.

Even though Bubby was unexpectedly spared from euthanasia, his struggles were far from over at that point. The following two months were spent being held captive in a garage and treated as an insignificant piece of junk. He was eventually adopted without hesitation when a lady got aware of his predicament and approached him. Bubby was despondent and bewildered as he sat in the backseat of his savior’s car, completely ignorant that his life was about to change forever.

First and foremost, Bubby was impacted by the affection and attention he got from his new mother. She provided the space and time for him to work through his shyness and anxieties on his own schedule. His remarkable physical and mental recovery over the course of many months shocked everyone. In the process of rescuing him, he built a deep relationship with the lady who saved his life, which caused him to have acute separation anxiety (it is quite understandable considering what he has been through).

She decided to crate train Bubby so that he would feel more secure and stable when his owner wasn’t available to supervise. Over the course of his crate training, Bubby found a deeper feeling of comfort in blankets! On every morning, he’d snort and wag his tail with delight as he walked out of his box, wrapped in his blanket, and strutted about the home.

A support network in the form of Bubby’s blanket provided comfort and assurance that everything was alright. Despite the passage of time, his dreams and traumas vanished, but his cherished “blankie habit” was preserved in its entirety. In due course, he came to build a similar emotional connection to his pillows, toys, and everything else that reminded him of his home.

With the addition of another rescue Pit Bull, Simon, to keep him company, Bubby’s family gave him the nicest gift ever. Originally, it was expected that Bubby’s blanket obsession would be finished by now, but that never happened. Due to Simon’s admiration and respect for Bubby, it was only a matter of time before he began to emulate his brother’s blanket obsession! Aww! Puppies and puppies are the cutest little sweethearts on the planet!

Take a look at the video below and see how Bubby learns to deal with previous tragedies thanks to his unbreakable blanket.

By Anna

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