Sadly, as people points out, the stray cat population is on the rise.

They prowl the streets in search of food and are often overlooked. Especially in urban areas where these cats are not captured and fixed or spayed, they just continue to reproduce unchecked. Animal lovers do all they can to help, but the issue is one that will never go away. For the time being, there are just too many hungry mouths to feed and not enough shelters or houses to make a lasting impact.

For many years, one specific lady has been providing food for stray cats. It’s her way of doing what she can to aid the animals she cares about and who need support. All of the cats are quite appreciative of a dish of food and a bowl of fresh water.

The lady, on the other hand, came upon a cat that seemed to be particularly fickle one day. She would keep a dish of food out for her, but the cat would not eat from it at all. The lady considered the possibility that she was just afraid of being among others.

She was aware that people provided the food, so she went to them, but she refused to consume the food that was placed in front of her. When the lady realized what was happening, she began placing the food in little plastic bags. The cat replied very immediately!

The smart orange cat would put the food in the plastic bag in her mouth and dash off, leaving the food on the floor. Consequently, the lady continued to feed all of the cats in bowls while also creating a special bag especially for the cat she called Dongsuk to keep him safe.

Curiosity got the better of the lady, and she decided to follow Dongsuk about to discover where she ate that day. What occurred after that really blew the lady away.

By Elen

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