Bryan Thompson, a resident of Nova Scotia, Canada, was wandering through one of the city’s parks one freezing winter day when he happened across something he will never forget.
An odd man with a cart pulled behind him, carrying an unknown load, caught Bryan’s attention as he made his way through the snow in the park.

This particular white dog seems to be comfortable and content.
Bryan, understandably, wanted to know more, so he went up to the stranger and inquired as to what was going on with him.

According to reports, the dog has ALS, which may cause paralysis in canines, and as a result, the unfortunate pup is unable to move on her own.

Thanks to her devoted owner, this hasn’t prevented the two from going on walks together in the meantime.

The following is how Bryan characterized his response to the incident on the internet: “I told him he was a terrific guy for doing that since I know there are many who wouldn’t.”

“He just claimed that she would do the same for him,” she recalls thinking. The thought of typing this without crying makes me uncomfortable.”

After a brief exchange of words, the stranger and his happy and comfortable dog continued on their journey.

However, it is reasonable that this heartwarming experience went viral and has inspired a large number of people.

Thanks a lot to the kind and diligent stranger!

By Anna

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