Dogs are known to engage in a variety of activities when left alone at home or when their owners divert their attention away from them. Whether it’s chewing shoes, redesigning the home, or just flipping the house upside down, there’s one thing that all of these activities have in common: they all result in huge grins on everyone’s faces, even the unfortunate property’s proprietors. Because there is nothing that can brighten your day quite like a puppy!

Hamilton, on the other hand, is an endearing canine who, with his antics, brought his whole family to tears of laughter. Hamilton, who is normally a very decent dog, turns out to be a whole different animal when no one in his family is looking. They were fortunate in that they were able to place a Ring camera in the backyard, and the footage that was captured is pure internet gold.

When the lively dog finds that he has the pool all to himself and does not have to share it with anybody, he exclaims with joy. Afterwards, Hamilton does what he does best: he performs a belly flop in the water and enjoys the time of his life. Following the joyful encounter with his father, Mary was unable to keep her laughter in check.

Apparently, the joyful dog enjoyed spending time in the water. “He’s always had a fascination with water,” his mother stated to The Dodo. “We were interested in seeing what he would do if he had the pool to himself,” said the group.

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