Despite the fact that Mike’s dog Jack had gone missing three years ago, the former Marine has never given up hope of reconnecting with his furry best friend.

He spent every waking second of his life hunting for him and putting up fliers to help him find him. Although he was upbeat, the time he spent away from Jack was depressingly sad.

The loss of Mike has left Mike feeling “different,” he said. “We did everything together; for example, I’d bring him to work half the time and he was always there when I went fishing.” As a group, we were able to do everything. He was always there, no matter what I was up to.”

A call came in from an animal hospital that was eight hours away, and Jack had to travel to get there. The guy on the other end of the phone line inquired as to Mike’s last name and if he had a dog called Jack.

Before he became too excited, Mike wanted the hospital to examine for identifying characteristics to make sure it was really Jack and not someone else. The veterinarian advised them that Jack’s left eye had a fleck of brown in it and that one of his front paws had a nail that was completely black. Mike was certain it was Jack once the hospital verified both of these facts.

Jack was located on the side of the road, over 500 miles away from his original location. Thank goodness, he was unhurt, and he was currently at the hospital, awaiting his reunion with his owner.

Mike hopped in his vehicle and headed straight to the hospital to pay another visit to his furbaby, who was recovering from his illness.

Immediately upon seeing Mike, Jack approached him, his tail wagging. It didn’t matter that it had been three years since they had last seen one other; Jack recognized Mike at first sight.

During Mike’s holding of Jack, the boy screamed and howled with joy. His next move was to lie down and touch the inside of his stomach.

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