It’s astonishing how a single photograph can completely change someone’s life, as it did for two shelter dogs. Kala and Keira were forced to bed together as sheltermates since they had nothing else to do. Because they had nothing else to do, they rapidly became inseparable.

They were entirely dedicated to one another, heart and soul. They were staying in a kill shelter, and their time there was running short. With a single click of the camera, things started to shift, and the couple was granted another shot at life, as the boredpanda explains.

Both of the animals were at the Etowah County Humane Society, and they were on their way to being put down the next day when staff decided to snap a picture and post it on their social media page to plead for their lives.

The two shelter pups were brought to the attention of Angels Among Us Pet Rescue after the shelter notified them that they had, regretfully, hit their “deadline,” which was very literally the end of the line. It was their last day on the job, and they were ready to be put to sleep.

Due to the little amount of time left, the rescue center re-shared the popular picture along with a caption that informed readers about their harrowing trip from Kala’s viewpoint in an emotionally-charged attempt to save the two shelter dogs from death row.

From the moment their story was submitted to the time they were walking away from imminent death, Angels Among Us reports that it took precisely 2 hours and 6 minutes. Someone who saw the image on the rescue’s Facebook page immediately phoned the organization and said that he was on his way to take them up.

Unfortunately, he could only foster the relieved shelter dogs until a permanent home could be found for them, which meant that their tribulations were becoming easier, but they were far from over.

It was only in October that the two shelter puppies met their forever families, three months after their photo was posted on social media, and the match could not have been more perfect.
Pam Cody and Wendy Newman aren’t just best friends; they’re also roommates, which was perfect since now Kala and Keira would have their own mom while still being able to stay with others!

In an interview with People magazine, Cody and Newman discuss the circumstances that led up to their adoption. They had seen the post for Kala and Kiera looking for permanent homes earlier in the summer, but they already had two dogs to care for and couldn’t afford to take on two more.
A terrible but beautiful turn of circumstances then transpired when their pets died within a few days of each other, a tragic yet wonderful turn of events. When they discovered that Kala and Kiera had not yet met their future family, they made the decision to make a difference in the lives of the shelter’s canine inhabitants.

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