All of us are aware that dogs are our loyal friends, and this is true in the majority of cases. Animal partners have long been recognized for their unconditional devotion and dedication to their human companions. This is especially true of our feline friends. This means that fantastic anecdotes and blogs about their devotion can be found all over the internet, which isn’t too unexpected. There are plenty of these stories, like the one about a dog in China that assisted his crippled master by pulling a wheelchair.

China’s Mago hamlet, near the town of Luyang, is home to the two-year-old canine and his crippled owner. Manao, his 59-year-old owner, has been paralyzed and atrophied since he was a toddler. He is confined to a wheelchair and unable to work because of his disability. He is fortunate in that he has a close buddy who is prepared to provide a hand and join him on his adventure.

Given his financial limitations, Manao was forced to create his own custom wheelchair to transport himself to and from the office. On a daily basis, the dog pushes his wheelchair as he travels from his house to the shoe repair shop. A short drive, but the guy will be unable to make it without the assistance of his canine companion. As soon as he sees his master or hears the sound of his voice, he sprints to him.

In between chores, the man’s canine companion takes a break and rests. He enjoys spending time with his buddies and playing games. The wages Manao earns are minimal, and as a result, his neighbors are sympathetic to his plight and sometimes send him food to help alleviate his hunger.

Because Manao did not give the dog a particular name, he is referred to as the Big Yellow Dog by his friends and family. Somebody once expressed an interest in purchasing the dog and offered Manao 500 yuan, but Manao refused to sell the dog, claiming that his companion was not for sale.

Their story has gone viral and has gained a great deal of attention for them. 

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