The owner of two pit bulls that were abandoned by their owners was approached by a guy who took him to a shelter. He decided to take them home since they were in such bad shape.

At the time, the man had no idea that his actions would prove to be crucial in his survival a short time later.

Two canines, Ellabelle and Ladybug, were presented with some difficult situations. All of these cute creatures were abandoned by their owners, but destiny brought them all together in a single rescue facility.

They were terrified and did not want to communicate with the volunteers, but this all changed one day when they encountered a group of volunteers.

A guy by the name of Robert McGowan paid a visit to the orphanage. He was on the lookout for a companion when he came across the tale of these dogs.

After meeting them, he discovered he would be taking two pit bulls instead of one, as he had originally intended.

They became fast friends and spent a lot of time together after meeting one other. To be sure, it took a little time for the dogs to adjust to their new surroundings, but they quickly expressed their appreciation in spades.

In the garage one day, Robert was working on a vehicle when four individuals burst through the door and into the room.

One of them punched the guy in the face and demanded that he hand over the keys to the vehicle. Robert responded by saying that they were already in the home.

Three intruders remained with him, and one intruder walked to the home to look for the house’s keys.

Inside, though, he would find devoted companions who were already waiting for him.

They pushed the intruder away before sprinting out the open door and pouncing on the rest of the group.

The attackers were not injured, but they immediately realized that they would be unable to stand up to two enraged dogs, and they left the site of the crime before anybody could arrest them.

Robert escaped with just a black eye, despite the fact that the situation might have ended terribly.

The guy provided the animals with a home, as well as care and attention.

This was sufficient motivation for them to selflessly jump on the throng of violent individuals, with no regard for their own well-being.

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