Dexter had reached the age of 20 by the time he arrived at the animal rescue center. A loving home was desperately needed for him since he was suffering from being extremely underweight.

When Jill Williams first laid eyes on Dexter, she knew she wanted to provide him with a caring, family-oriented environment in which to spend the rest of his days.

As soon as Dexter walked through the door of his new house, he realized that Jill was the mother of two boys as well as three dogs. That was it, Dexter was completely taken in.

He quickly embraced the two lads and lavished them with affection.

He would snuggle into the nooks of their necks and rub his face and body up against them for hours at a time, and he would do this again. Jill claims that his favorite things are his two sons and his Wolfpack of friends.

Flora, his 120-pound wolf-sister, is a particular favorite of his.

“They are the best of friends,” Jill says. “They sleep together and cuddle together all day long,” says the mother.

Dexter, in Jill’s opinion, seems to be in excellent health for his age. “He like only elaborate meals (which must be the most elaborate or he would knock it straight off the table). He enjoys finding the sunbeams and lying down in them. He enjoys sleeping on my human children’s beds at night, and they take good care of him.”

Dexter, despite the fact that he is a senior cat, has a voracious appetite and is always hungry. When he wants his food, he becomes quite noisy and grumpy-sounding, and Jill believes that he will not leave you alone until he gets what he wants, which is dinner. He is, without a doubt, the ruler of this home!

At nap time, Dexter enjoys snuggling with one of his closest buddies, who is also one of his best friends.

In the event that he is unable to find them, he immediately turns to his plush toys, of which there are numerous.

It makes him uncomfortable to watch his people alone since he is such a loving cat. At any time he feels like it, he will jump onto their chair and keep them entertained.

Flora, on the other hand, is his greatest fan. They are madly in love with each other.

Dexter is over 22 years old and still has a lot of love to share.

Unfortunately, Dexter has already crossed across the rainbow bridge – but his memory will live on in the hearts of everyone who had the pleasure of knowing him.

By Anna

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