When someone came to Jessica Penoyer’s door, the last person she expected to see was her five-year-old next-door neighbor, who turned out to be the knocker. Jessica first thought he was holding a toy in his arms, but after a few seconds, she discovered it wasn’t a doll at all, but his newborn sister.

Salvatore Cicalese, the little kid, said that his mother had died while in the shower. He then went on to explain that he had grabbed a stool and carried it over to the garage door in order to be able to climb up and flip a switch on the opener. While doing so, he revealed that he had fallen from the ledge once before succeeding on his second try.

When Jessica became aware of what was going on, she immediately dialed 911 to report it to the authorities. The emergency personnel was able to get access to Salvatore’s residence very quickly after that. They immediately proceeded to the bathroom, where they discovered the boy’s mother unconscious in the bathtub. His mother would have drowned if it had not been for Salvatore’s intervention. It was his rapid thinking that made the difference in saving her life.

The mother, Kaitlyn Cicalese, began to feel better when she sought medical attention for her symptoms.

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