It takes a huge heart to provide a safe haven for youngsters who are trying to make ends meet.

Adoption was something Kim Lacefield, a mother of three, had always wanted to do for a kid who didn’t already have a home. His spouse is a preacher, and the two of them understand how important it is for a kid who does not have somebody to look after him or her to feel secure and loved.

Kim received a phone call one day that would alter the course of her life forever. Police officials informed her that three ‘God children’ were in desperate need of a home. Initially, Kim was perplexed, but the cops clarified that the mother of the children was a member of the church where Kim’s husband served as a deacon.

She accepted without a second thought to taking the boys in for as long as they needed to be cared for at her home.

After thirty minutes, I was greeted by three smiling faces at my door. “They had nothing on their backs other than the clothing on their backs, no toothbrush, no blanket, and no favorite pillow,” Kim said to Love What Matters about her first experience with the boys, who were ages 6, 8, and 10 at the time of the encounter.

The next day, the older children were reunited with their father, while the 6-year-old lived with Kim’s family for a little more than a year before returning home.

“Oh, how I admired and admired him. I was aware that he had a father who had just been released from jail and who loved his kid. I assisted him in regaining custody of his kid. I understand that for some people, this may sound unusual, but the greatest gift you can give a kid is a healthy biological parent who loves and wants them in their life. In this case, it was this father who was keeping down a full-time job while putting in 10 hours a week to see his children.

For one mother, having these youngsters in her house opened her new vistas of possibility. She was certain that she could do the same for other children in a similar situation.

Kim received a phone call about a 5-year-old girl only a few days after the child was reunited with his father.

“Later that day, she came into my home with a garbage bag containing her clothes. That meant I had to take it back outside and put it on the porch again. She had head lice, body lice, and pinworms, among other things. She had come from a filthy foster home, where she said she had been forced to lie on the ground. In fact, she had moved into more than five different residences in six weeks.”

Kim had to wait for quite some time before she was able to reach the girl who was refusing to talk. Teachers were concerned when she first began school because she was falling behind her classmates. In little time at all, I began receiving phone calls from the school, inquiring as to what was going on.” She was in first grade at the time, and she couldn’t trace the letter ‘L’ at all. The problem was that she would get messed up in her clothes and wouldn’t change them,” Kim remarked.

Both Kim and the girl’s teacher went above and above to assist the youngster in getting back on track. She made great growth in her first year of school, earning the title of “wonder kid” for her achievements.

“Teachers and school social workers couldn’t believe how far she’d come in only a year,” says the principal. The majority of children who enter foster care are 5 or more years behind their chronological age, according to Kim.

Kim was overjoyed because she had given the young lady a fresh lease on life.

After a few days, Kim received a phone call about the girl’s 2-year-old sibling. She decided to accept this other daughter as well since she did not want her children to grow up in two separate households.

“She had been staying with a family member.” She was suffering from a fractured arm and large lesions on her skin. It was during the daytime that she came to see me since her sister was at school,” Kim recounted.”

It took some time for her to realize she was looking at my wall of images and saying, ‘Addy.'” It was her sister who she recognized in the crowd. That moment will be etched in my memory forever. Because of this experience, I am now enthusiastic about keeping sibling groupings together.

Kim and her husband were given the children’s birth mother’s consent a year after the girls were born. The fact that she was in and out of treatment most of the time meant that she couldn’t care for her girls. But she adored them and wanted to be a part of their life, so Kim extended the invitation to her to see her kids anytime she desired. Finally, the mother opted to place her girls for adoption, and they were welcomed into Kim’s family as a result of this decision.

“I’ve wanted to adopt since I was a small child,” says the author. “Even as a youngster, the prospect of my children not being loved gave me sleepless nights,” Kim said.

“It was made possible by the courts, and both children were adopted last week, on (the younger sister’s) seventh birthday, five years after she first came to me with a broken arm,” says the mother.

Despite the fact that they now have five daughters, Kim and her husband’s house is constantly bustling with children because they step in anytime they hear of a youngster that no one else wants to foster.

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