Shelby, who was pregnant at the time, was evicted by her owner only a few days before giving birth.

Loving people did not abandon the cat in distress, and they gave her food as well as warm blankets for the kittens who had just been born.

When the children reached the age of majority, the family was placed in a local shelter.

After that, they were picked up by the Arlington-based charitable group Purrfect Pals, which assisted the kittens in finding new homes for themselves.

Shelby would be sterilized, it was decided. When she went to the doctor, it was revealed that she was again pregnant.

Animal enthusiast and long-time collaborator with Purrfect Pals John Bartlett took excellent care of the expecting mother throughout her pregnancy.

Shelby gave birth to four kittens at the end of August 2017, but only one of them — a male kitten called Sparky – survived after being born alive.

The tiny one fought with death for many days before passing away in his mother’s arms four days later, at the age of four.

Shelby gave birth to her sixth kitten on the same day, much to the delight of everyone there.

A loud scream could be heard in the back seat of the car as John was driving home from the veterinarian clinic with his cat.

The infant, who was given the name Lizzy, turned out to be the most physically powerful of the whole litter.

Shelby and her new owner were finally able to take a deep breath after four days of misery.

The kitten was not allowed to leave the young mother’s sight for even a split second. After the loss of four kittens, Lizzie became her source of solace.

Despite the fact that the kitten was born quite a little, she ate well and gained weight swiftly.

Within 15 days after her birth, she flowered and grew in strength and vitality.

Lizzy was constantly eager to spend time with her mother, who seemed to love the kitten’s companionship just as much as she did.

As soon as it became necessary to find permanent homes for Shelby and her kitten, it was determined that they would not be separated.

Fortunately, there was a family that was willing to take in two cats at the same time.

In the end, after all, they’ve gone through, they’ve found a cozy home and two new pals.

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