This is the wonderful moment when a wounded dog walks into a veterinarian’s office and begs for assistance. It happened only a few days ago in a little town in Brazil, and it was quite spectacular. The scene was recorded on video by a surveillance camera!

For a little while, the ill dog sat in front of the clinic waiting for attention. Because the doors were wide open and a patient had just departed, the dog mustered up the bravery to walk through them. Even from a distance, Dayse Ferreira could tell something was awry with the unexpected guest because one of his front legs was up in the air when he was walking. As a result, the veterinarian addressed him right immediately.

Everyone in the clinic, without a doubt, was taken aback by the dog’s effort to seek assistance at the very location where he would have received it. Despite the fact that they were all strangers to him, the poor dog had no trouble placing his confidence in them, just as he realized that they were going to assist him.

In an interview with The Dodo, the veterinarian described how the patient entered the clinic by extending his damaged paw as if to say hello and to demonstrate that he was in pain. “We were startled since he was aware of where to get assistance.”

After examining him, Ferreira discovered a little injury on one of his paws, which was not life-threatening. Given that he had also picked up some fleas, they decided to give him a well-deserved wash before administering any medications. However, the cute dog not only found healing for his physical wounds, but also for his spirit. Ferreira was aware that her guest was homeless, but she was so affected by his choice to rush into her clinic that she decided to assist him in finding a permanent home for himself and his family.

Take a look at what happens when this wounded dog comes into the clinic:

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