According to popular belief, dog’s like being near water, but cats, for example, are not fond of being near water. Cute canines from this collection, on the other hand, completely demolish any and all preconceptions that exist. The fact is that they are not only afraid of water, but they are also unable to swim.

Today, we’ve compiled a collection of amusing photographs of dogs that despise water and see washing as a severe punishment. It is certain that these muzzles will make you feel better. Fear, terror, disgust, and a complete lack of comprehension of what they are being “punished” for can all be read in their eyes. Shortly put, let’s all watch something together….

He forgot to take them off the leash

“From the coast, it seemed to be a more entertaining concept…”

“So, I’m not panicking; I’m simply swimming faster to the coast…” says the swimmer.

“Save yourself while you still have the chance!”

“I’m never going to listen to you again!”

Will not go…

” Why you didn’t tell me that the water was freezing?”

“Get me out of here!”

“This does not sit well with me!”

Island of safety

“Perhaps I’ll just wait for you on the beach?”

A dog is faced to a terrifying water attack.

By Elen

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