No matter how hard it is, saying goodbye to a cherished pet is never easy. Dale Thompson’s tale has taken the position of being one of the saddest farewells to have been shared on social media. During his 14-year golden retriever Murphy’s farewell, this Toronto resident burst into tears as he said his last farewell.

Murphy had been fighting cancer that had spread across his nose and neck for many months. Thompson’s last act was to ensure that his dog was content till the end of his life.

When the dog was walking to the vet for his final time, he was puffing his chest out with each step. Murphy had finally found solace in the pain of his friend.

In a lengthy post on Medium, Thompson shared recollections of when Murphy first came to him and how they spent their time together over the course of 14 years, bringing tears to people’s eyes by expressing how much Murphy meant to him. He said that he would endure cancer in order to help Murphy, but the guy can only do what he can. All he could think of was seeing his dog on the other side.

Murphy was wearing his brightest smile, despite the fact that he was suffering from cancer.

At the moment Thompson found himself sobbing uncontrollably, it was Murphy who attempted to soothe his human by standing up and saying something along the lines of “I’ll be here forever.” Murphy went in the midst of the most painful mourning, but his moments with Thompson will live on forevermore. According to the owner, he will keep Murphy’s identification tag by his side so that he may be near to him until the day he can be reunited with his lifelong friend.

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