It turns out that dogs have some type of particular ability when it comes to providing amusing situations. No matter how old they are, they may still behave in a childlike manner and do things that are really ridiculous for their age. This time, it was a one-and-a-half-year-old Husky who had everyone in fits of laughter with his mischievous behavior.

The poor puppy was simply attempting to scratch an itch when he ended up in a pond, where he ended up getting himself into a lot of trouble. Fortunately, his father was there, not only to rescue the day, but also to record the amusing scenario on his smartphone!

Recently, Canadian hockey coach Nicolas Marrion took his dog Juno to an area lake outside of Quebec to unwind and take a break from his hectic schedule. After all, it seemed to be a lovely day, with the 20-year-old guy relaxing on the terrace and taking in the scenery, when his furry buddy suddenly started scratching his head against the wooden deck. So far, nothing out of the ordinary has occurred, with the exception of Juno, who was dangerously near to the water and accidentally fell into it. It goes without saying that he isn’t a very good swimmer.

Juno immediately regretted his decision to go over the edge of the deck the soon he realized what he’d done was wrong. However, his human father, who had been photographing the dog the whole time, raced in to rescue him from the water.

Despite the fact that the unfortunate dog is going through a serious hardship, the brief film of him sliding into the lake is nothing short of amusing. Juno’s father decided to humiliate her even more by posting the amusing video clip on the internet.

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