In order to adopt a cat, Elliot and Nathanial Green went to the shelter, but a small blind feline ended up choosing them instead.

While in Lynchburg, Virginia, Elliot and Nathanial paid a visit to the Lynchburg Humane Society, where they were participating in an adoption event. They had been hoping to adopt a Siamese kitten for a long time and were certain that they would locate one on that particular day.

According to Elliot in the interview, “all of the Siamese kittens were either on hold or had been taken,” but “luckily, the person who was assisting us believed Merlin would be the right match.”

Merlin was a little kitten when he came at the shelter, in severe need of medical attention as well as a caring environment. He was born with a lot of vision problems and was of little size.

When they first saw Merlin at the refuge…

They hurried to the medical wing of the shelter to meet the adorable little bundle of fluff. Merlin was aware that he had guests, despite the fact that he couldn’t see them.

His greeting to Elliot included a few of sniffs before he curled up in his arms and began purring. During the interview, Elliot said that “it was instantly apparent when Merlin snuggled up to me that he was the right one.” “He was eager to be adopted and simply be with people,” says the foster parent.

When they were through with the paperwork, the rest, as they say, was history.

On his first day back, Merlin was able to immediately settle in and claim the place as his own. “The first thing he did was take a smell about and get acquainted with his surroundings.”

The feline navigates by utilizing his senses of touch, smell, and hearing, and he has mapped out his territory like a pro, thanks to his excellent sense of scent.

Berlin has always seemed to be at comfortable in his surroundings, which has always struck me as a positive characteristic. The interviewer claimed that he would normally put his paw out first to test whether everything he’s looking at is edible. However, after spending a few minutes in the same room as the interviewer, he will remember everything.

He’s the most adorable tiny parrot kitten you’ve ever seen!

By Elen

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