A 45-year-old veteran from Schwenksville, Pennsylvania, Paul Steklenski has always had a soft spot for animals and has a desire to do something positive for them. Paul made the decision to dedicate his time to rescuing animals from animal shelters at this moment.

Tessa, a stray dog, was rescued from a local rescue organization by a kindhearted gentleman a few years back. Being struck by the fact that so many of these innocent creatures were on the verge of being put down, he made it his mission to save as many dogs and cats as he possibly could. In May 2015, the veteran founded the Flying Fur Animal Rescue, a rescue organization dedicated to saving “animals, one rescue flight at a time” via an aerial rescue.

Since then, the kind guy has rescued more than 1,500 animals from shelters all around the United States by flying his own private plane to them. According to Paul, there were moments when he wanted to give up due to doubts about his ability to fly. “I didn’t feel I could accomplish it,” he said. When I saw the dogs in the shelter, it was quite sad.” We were in tears when we realized that so many animals were being [euthanized] just because they had been trapped in an isolated area,” she said.

Paul admits that watching those animals in pain drives him to weep at times, but mending them and seeing their delight fills him with a genuine sense of aliveness. As the Army veteran said, “it’s a tremendously emotional profession, but it’s also immensely rewarding.” “I understood that by dropping them there, picking them up, and transferring them to other shelters, I might potentially help make a difference in their lives.”

In my opinion, they understand that far greater things are about to happen for them. I find it to be really satisfying. Paul said that it is not simply the animal that benefits, but that “that dog or cat is going to have an influence on someone else.”

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By Anna

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