The poor puppy had been mistreated and was too afraid to contact anybody! However, love has the ability to transform everything.

The following story is for anyone who is considering adopting a rescue dog but needs a bit more convincing to go through with it. The finest feeling is when you realize that you didn’t have to do anything remarkable to make the pet happy; all you had to do was adopt the animal.

Gibson County Animal Shelter in Trenton, Tennessee, has one of the worst cases of neglect and abuse in the country. He beat her so badly that she was terrified and had to hide in a closet for the remainder of the night.

After meeting with her, Kimberley Slown realized that she needed to transport her.

Thousands of dogs have been saved by Kimberly’s rescue company, Arrow Dog Rescue, but Niya was the most fatigued of them all, according to her. It seemed that she had been struck with an object by a wound above her eye.

The unfortunate result of such traumas was that Niya’s mental condition was severely harmed. During the time it took Kimberly to pick her up, the girl was so terrified that she stood next to the wall with her tail between her legs.

Niya needed to be transported to the vehicle, so Kimberly obliged.

In her state of exhaustion, Niya sought refuge in a secure location inside the home, where she slept for two days.

Niya had a change of heart the following night and went to her owner’s bed to sniff his arm.

Kimberly was relieved to see that her fearful dog had finally found comfort in his surroundings.

“She just breathed into my hand,” I remember thinking as I patted it awake. “It was gladly welcomed by her.”

Niya returned to her bed, but the same thing occurred again not long after..

It seemed as if the dog was thanking her for welcoming her into her house. As time goes on, the terrified little dog’s confidence becomes stronger, and Kimberly is pleased with the results.

With the help of Kimberly, Niya has recovered her confidence, which would not have been possible if she had remained in the shelter.

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