Cats being put into a box and abandoned outside of their homes have been found by Orange County Animal Services (OCAS) over less than a month.

On Facebook they made a post about this case by writing the following:  “For the third time in less than a month, our crew found a kitten in a box left at our front door.”

It seems that someone left a cat called Conroy, who had been tied inside a pillowcase and placed in a box. The kitten was then “ingloriously tossed” outside the front door during a particularly violent storm.

As long as individuals continue to leave cats, the shelter will do all it can to put an end to it. People have a proclivity to create excuses all of the time.

“We have no clue how long he’s been there,” says the narrator, adding that the most of the night was spent in the rain. As a result, when staff ultimately carried him out, he was rightfully angry and terrified,” they stated.

“We share your annoyance. From time to time, life gets in the way of our plans. You’re completely spent. I’m running behind schedule for work. It is something I am looking forward to. Your rationale is that ‘they’ll locate it first thing in the morning.” Their hours of operation should have been 24-hours a day, seven days a week. Please recognize, however, that they are not adequate arguments in and of themselves. “These are only justifications,” says the author.

It takes just a few minutes to bring animals inside during operating hours rather than discarding them on the streets.

“We have no idea why individuals continue to do this, but we are requesting that our community refrain from doing so.” It takes just a few minutes to bring an animal inside the facility. To leave an animal like this, particularly a newborn, is heartbreaking.

Even if people are too concerned, there are some straightforward options.

As a result, the shelter published the following statement, expecting negative feedback and possibly blame:

“Of course, OCAS will be criticized. That is a given. It is recommended that cameras be there. You should have kennels available for overnight drop-offs.”

They do, however, remind out that anybody may easily pick up a phone and call for help. The only people who should be held accountable are those who are responsible for leaving an animal knowing that it would be afraid, suffer, and maybe die as a result of its actions.

Our officers are on the road 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and you may phone 311 to initiate a request for service, we want to remind our community.

Then they go on to explain even more heinous atrocities they’ve observed, which would break the heart of anybody who experienced them.

“Make no mistake about it: dumping an animal, tying it to our gates, and releasing it in our parking lot are all heinous crimes against humanity.”

Conroy may have believed that whoever did this was doing him a favor, but what they really did was dispose of him in a careless and reckless way. It is necessary for some individuals in our throwaway society to stop treating animals as if they were garbage.

“You’re not going to save a life,” says the doctor.

“You’re simply wasting your time.”

As a consequence of the post’s distribution, the story was picked up by the local news, which will assist to increase awareness in the community about the issue. Conroy will have a better opportunity of living a happy life as a result of the shelter and contributions from kind people such as yourself. Many more great compassionate individuals restore our faith in mankind in the face of every ignorant and violent individual.

You may learn more about available dogs for adoption and how to make a donation on the Orange County Animal Services website.

The OCAS is doing an outstanding job of finding homes for cats like Conroy, according to a recent post on their Facebook page.

“There are so many cats, and they all have such distinct personalities. We at OCAS are fortunate in that our animals are adopted almost immediately. Even so, we must remind people that they are present and that they are all looking for decent housing on a consistent basis.”

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