Keys, a tuxedo cat that goes by the name of Keys, has a really amusing gift that not only makes his family laugh every time, but also makes others laugh in general. But it also applies to everybody who comes upon it. Keys, sometimes known as the Goal kitty, is introduced.

It was by chance that her owner, Peter Mares, from California, discovered her comedic abilities. This just adds to the enjoyment! The next morning, Peter noted that she swiftly threw her paws up in the air, as if she were extending her legs out. He snatched his camera from his pocket and snapped a humorous photo of the situation. On the next day, she repeated the act, and she was promptly rewarded with her favorite treat. “She has become used to seeing the camera and does these ‘goal hands’ everytime she sees it,” Peter said.

She gets a reward once every one of his magical words, “I know what you want,” are said. Keys becomes enthused as a result of this. When she hears that term, she leaps to her feet and positions herself in the “goal” position immediately. In an interview with HuffingtonPost, he said that “every time I whip out my camera and utter the magic (word), she poses.”

After Keys’ images became popular on the internet, many individuals started to photoshop her ridiculous poses into a variety of amusing settings using photo editing software. As a result, Keys has become even more well-known.

She looks just like a goalie trying to block out an incoming ball. So much determination and excitement!

With her goalie paws, Keys is now able to make all of her human followers on Instagram grin on a regular basis.

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