Nasrin Hami, a woman from Thailand, has taken the Internet by storm when she shared a series of adorable images showing how their Scottish Fold cat captivated her husband’s heart.

Immediately upon their publication on the Super Cats Facebook page, Nasrin’s images grabbed widespread attention and received hundreds of likes and comments. Take a look at the sweet and lovely photographs of Jarvis the cat by scrolling down.

Nasrin discussed some of Jarvis’ favorite pastimes with Bored Panda in an interview published on the site.

“Jarvis is a kind and kind cat. “He enjoys sleeping, watching the birds outside the window, and playing with my husband,” I say.

“I’ve discovered something that I adore even more than he does.

She went on to say that the majority of people believe Jarvis is a girl, although he is, in fact, a guy.

In describing how wholesome the cat is, Nasrin said, “Jarvis is always nice and cuddly with my husband, and he behaves the same way with me, and he is sociable with everyone that comes to our house.”

Jarvis the cat has been a part of the family for a very, very long period of time. On April 23, she had recently spent his sixth birthday with him.

According to Nasrin, owner of Baan Nee Tong Mee Meow, “Jarvis is not for sale—and given his recent popularity, we’re certain that many more people would be prepared to snag the cuddly lovebug if they only had the opportunity.”

When Jarvis is not cuddling with Nasrin’s spouse, he is lying on top of him, snuggling to him, and doing anything he can to get as near to him as he possibly can.

In the evenings, when Nasrin’s husband sits down to dinner, Jarvis curls up behind him, sometimes placing his front legs on the table. He seems to be attempting to claim that this individual is his own possession.

If you like this adorable kitty, please spread the word about him among your friends and family members!

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