I have two cats, both of which are known for their tendency to shed. I’m never prepared, despite the fact that it always occurs at the same time. I chase these two scumbags around the room and grab strands of wool.

But this time, I determined to make things simpler for both myself and the people I cared about.. By the spring, I’d want to get them shaved.

Thus, I won’t have to worry about them being too hot because of all the wool in the apartment (they’re really rather fluffy), and because summer is coming, I won’t have to take a bath.

However, I just made a mistake in my calculations. Even at home, it may be colder than the weather outside. I don’t know why this is happening.

Because of this, the cats have determined that I am responsible for keeping them chilly.

They now spend most of their time beneath the covers, and if one of them escapes and returns, I have to rectify it.

In addition, they sleep next to me at night and snuggle up to keep warm. This is much more upsetting for me. They simply search for a good location for about 20 minutes, but they don’t want to sleep with me under the covers: they require a hug. I can’t fall asleep for a long time because of this

Wool, on the other hand, poses no issues.

By Elen

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