The golden retriever was captured after almost a week of searching by the rescuers. The volunteers were aware that the dog had previously been kept as a pet, but that it had suffered as a result of the owner’s abusive behavior – the animal had been beaten and denied access to water and food. Finally, the dog was dissatisfied with humans, and in order to assist her, the rescuers had to put in the necessary effort.

Despite his obvious hunger, the dog did not respond to the food that was placed in front of him or approach the humans. In their desperation, the volunteers planned to enlist the assistance of a tranquilizer, but they were successful in capturing the dog once he was trapped and had no way to escape.

Despite the fact that animal rescuers deal with abandoned and weary animals on a daily basis, the condition of the retriever was such that several of them sobbed. With no place to go, the dog squeezed himself into the corner and covered his eyes with his paws, realizing that he had no choice but to stay. It required a great deal of work only to pick up the puppy off the street and transport it to the veterinarian’s office.

The dog has been changed beyond recognition as a result of his time at the shelter. In addition to having adequate food, he is being cared for and loved, and the animal is gradually learning to trust humans once again.”

By Elen

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