“Her final desire was to visit her closest buddy Oliver the cat one more time to say goodbye,” according to the post on Immure.

It seems like they are both sleeping in one of the photographs, which shows an old lady sitting next to a ginger cat on a hospital bed. As told by the woman’s grandson, in the last hours of her life, all she wanted was to see and cuddle her dearest buddy, who goes by the name of Oliver — just one more.

They were aware that the lady had just a few days left to live, so they permitted her family to bring her cat into the hospital to say their last farewells. A strange feeling came over Oliver the cat as he realized that his favorite human was on the verge of passing away.

He would not let her go without embracing her and staring at her with a troubled expression on his face at all times.

If Oliver and his human can be reunited at some point in the future, we will be very happy.

By Elen

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