Ashley was a wonderful canine companion. Ashley’s previous owners were cruel to her, seldom feeding her and rarely allowing her to go outdoors. In the end, they just abandoned her.

No More Pain Rescue, which was founded by Erica Mahnken (the cofounder), was able to provide her with a comfortable existence. The pit bull, which was one year old at the time, was rescued by her fiancé Michael Favor in January of 2017.

Someone called the rescue team to report that a couple was living in an abandoned home and needed assistance. They were without heat or power, and they were also with a dog.

When a snowfall struck, the couple decided to leave. They believed that they had gone in search of a warm place to stay and that they had forgotten about the dog. As soon as they received the phone call, they immediately went to find her.

Favor ordered Mahnken to remain in the vehicle while he went inside to look for the dog. He subsequently informed Mahnken of the gravity of the issue. In the home, there was no power, and the temperature was below zero! There was nothing to eat or drink for her. The home had been a total and utter wreck. Even worse, there were feces all throughout the house since the windows had been shattered.

Ashley, on the other hand, escaped uninjured. When Favor took her out the door, she looked like the happiest dog on the block. She came sprinting down the stairs, beaming with delight. Even she hopped into Mahnsken’s automobile without a second thought.

Ashley was very underweight and hungry at the time. Her ribs were the only thing they could see. She was quite thin, and the veterinarian eventually determined that she was 25 pounds underweight. It was also noted that Ashley had cigarette burns on the top of her head, which was suspicious.

Because the rescue does not have a physical shelter, Mahnken and Favor needed to place Ashley in a foster home as soon as they were able. They were acquainted with members of the New York City fire department (FDNY). They were aware that there had once been a dog at the Fort Pitt station. As a result, Mahnken and Favor inquired as to whether the firemen would be willing to keep Ashley until they could find her a suitable home. Ashley seemed to be content with the current situation.

As soon as she came through the door of the firehouse, her tail began to wag. She was licking her lips and waving to everyone. She was ecstatic at the time. Her demeanor might suggest that she was apprehensive, yet she wasn’t in the least bit! Not unexpectedly, the firefighting crew contacted Mahnken a few days later and requested that Ashley be allowed to remain on the job. They were interested in adopting her. They are madly in love with her.

It was the precise area where she felt at home. She is now a full-time resident of this location. She even rides along with them on the firetruck. She has an infinite supply of sweets to choose from. Mahnken expressed their delight at having made the choice they did. Even after four years, she is content in her current residence! She adores the firehouse, as well as the firemen that work there.

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