When you meet someone who is really wonderful, it is impossible not to wonder how you ever got by without them. This happens every now and again in life. In fact, it was through a very unique cat that these two families in Canada were able to form the type of bond that they cherish today.

Bubby, the cat, landed on Boyd Abbott’s farm by chance around 10 years ago and began eating some food that had been placed out for a different stray at the time. The unexpected appearance of Bubby in Boyd’s kitchen one day really caught him off guard!

Nonetheless, it didn’t take long for Boyd to fall in love with the three-legged feline. “He began to make his way inside the home,” Boyd said.

The Boyd family, including Boyd’s daughter, Rhonda Wiseman, stated, “We all got to know him and fell in love with him.” In the end, my father and Bubby had a fantastic friendship that was quite tight.

According to Rhonda, “It was like his little pal, his nightly companion… they were inseparably linked.” The friendship Boyd had with Bubby was very essential to him.

Boyd’s family was devastated when they discovered that they had lost sight of Bubby, knowing how much the cat had meant to Boyd. Someone or something had occurred to Bubby, and they were afraid it was something serious.

Almost two years later, a picture was uploaded on the Exploits Valley SPCA Facebook page that seemed to be extremely similar to the one that had been taken. Yes, that was, without a doubt, Bubby!

Ray Pinsent, a previous neighbor of Boyd’s, had initiated a community-wide hunt for Bubby after seeing the cat wandering the streets and reporting it to authorities. Ray recognized Bubby right away, and he set out on a quest to track down and rescue the much-loved feline companion.

Bubby made the decision to return to Boyd’s residence, a place where he had previously found solace and affection a few years before. Ray was told as soon as the new occupant moved in.

Ray was delighted, and rushed over straight away to take Bubby to the vet for assessment and treatment.

“Bubby was dehydrated, beaten up, and everything,” said Sarah McLeod, a worker with the Exploits Valley SPCA.

Sarah fell head over heels in love with Bubby right away! “I’ve seen a lot of cats, hundreds of cats every year, but there was just something unique about Bubby that I adored,” she said of her favorite feline companion.

Boyd’s family was overjoyed when they learned that Bubby had been located. In addition, Sarah felt she would never be able to leave with him, so she chose to bring Bubby with her to the house.

“I wanted to just spoil him and love him for every minute that he had left,” she said. Exactly what she did was to follow her instincts!

With Sarah’s help, Bubby has settled in well to his new home. Babby with his sad human eyes had been adored previously, and he is now loved once again, according to the author.

“He purrs as soon as he wakes up in the morning and as soon as he goes to sleep at night every day. He needs to understand that he is finally at home.”

Bubby and Sarah were together for two years, during which time the three-legged lover went away tragically.

“How lucky am I to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard,” Sarah wrote.

“Bubby, you’ll be in our hearts forever.” Rhonda, Boyd’s daughter, was overjoyed that Bubby had ended up in such a caring environment. “I’m convinced that if my father were to see this, he’d be smiling with joy,” she added of her father.

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