A homeless cat was discovered on the doorstep of a family in North Carolina, United States, and they decided to take her in as a pet. The kitty was pregnant, and when she was brought into her home, she went into delivery, prompting the family to make arrangements for the kitten and her progeny to be safe in their home.

One of the kittens was born with the appearance of a Manx cat, which means he was born entirely tailless and with difficulties with the rear of the spine. Other kittens were healthy, and the family had already placed them in new homes, but the little one without a tail required special attention in order to improve his overall quality of life.

When the kittens were old enough to be weaned, the family sought assistance from Sparkle Cat Rescue for the young cat.

Stephanie Grantham, the shelter’s co-founder, stated: ” The hind legs must be strengthened in order for Manx kittens to grow properly because they have trouble in the rear area due to spinal malformation.”

After arriving at the shelter, Thumper began receiving the attention he needed in order to try to reach his full potential as a dog. In addition to numerous hot baths and sufficient medical treatment to aid in his recovery and avoid a variety of infections, Thumper is given rehabilitative activity to aid in his rehabilitation.

As a result of the training, the tailless cat learned a quite uncommon trick: it learned to jump with its hind legs like a rabbit.

The following is what Stephanie said: “I didn’t want to utilize his hind legs, so I forced him to leap in and out of a small box to compel him to use his rear legs.”

Thumper, on the other hand, is always cheery, is an excellent climber, and enjoys bouncing around the room chasing after everything. He is a kind kitty who is completely unaware that he has a problem; all he wants to do is cuddle up next to his human friend and sleep on his shoulder.

Every time he is touched, he begins to purr and hug his face, regardless of who is touching him; he loves everyone he comes into contact with, even strangers. Simply said, Thumper is a baby who adores curling up and who only needs one chance to find a home before he gets adopted.

Fortunately, a loving family learned about Thumper’s plight via social media and fell head over heels in love with the cat. Due to the fact that the family already had two Manx cats as pets, they were well aware of what the gorgeous feline need in order to have a normal life.

Following this experience, the family decided to file an adoption application in order to retain little Thumper and provide him with the life he deserves.

Stephanie went on to add, “Their request made me cry; the amount of care and love they have spent in their critters is incredible, and I knew Thumper would be the perfect fit.”

Thumper, at eight weeks old, is living his life to the fullest, playing ceaselessly, kneading with his paws nonstop, and purring as he cuddles everyone.

He is excited to be with his new family, who is willing to give him with the loving home he has always desired, and everyone at the shelter is eager to see him achieve success.

Little Thumper has finally arrived at his new home, where he will no doubt receive a lot of love and have plenty of feline buddies to play with.

By Elen

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