Bruno, often known as The Wandering Dog, has been making his way into Longville, Minnesota since he was a little child.

Larry LaVelle rescued him off the streets when a passerby mistaken him for Larry’s dog 12 years ago, and he chose to keep him.

Bruno, on the other hand, was not readily tamed and enjoyed traveling on travels, despite Larry’s attempts to restrain him.

He had to get used to people calling him saying they’ve found his dog, only to tell them that he is ‘a wanderer.’

He also had to get accustomed to the misunderstanding that would occur when Larry would just instruct the person on the other end of the phone to let him go without saying anything.

Bruno was distinct from other dogs in that he was fully capable of traveling vast distances on his own without assistance.

When Bruno started walking through the streets of Longville, the people became used to seeing him.

In addition to the ice cream shop and city hall, he also enjoys visiting various grocery shops and office buildings where he is welcomed with scraps of meat and other treats.

They loved him so much that they called him the town’s dog and even commissioned a wooden monument of him to commemorate his accomplishments.

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