On Wednesday morning (November 18, 2015), more than 100 armed cops stormed an apartment in Saint-Denis, Paris, believing Abdelhamid Abaaoud, the architect of the Paris massacres, was holed up inside with six other ISIS terrorists. Among the policemen was Diesel, a 7-year-old police dog.

Diesel was sent inside the building to smell out booby traps and evaluate the danger level, but she was murdered when a woman burst out of her apartment, opened fire on cops, and then detonated her suicide vest. Five additional police officers were hurt during the operation, which lasted several hours and resulted in the passings of two terrorists and the arrest of seven suspects.

According to the official biography of Police Nationale, Diesel was “killed by terrorists in the ongoing operation in Saint-Denis.”

One police handler at the scene said, “It’s a bit like losing one of our colleagues.” According to officials, Diesel received multiple service awards over her career and was recognized as a significant member of the police. Tributes have started to pour in from all across the globe in honor of Diesel and her fortitude. The hashtag #Jesuisunchien which translates “I’m a dog” in English] has gone viral on Twitter after the canine’s ends. “RIP Diesel, the police dog killed in the pursuit of terrorists in Paris,” one person wrote. In #Paris, police policemen who go unseen.”

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