Chole, a 65-year-old Mexican lady living in a large black plastic bag, was discovered on the streets. It was evident that she was also protecting six stray dogs who were her greatest friends in that large rubbish bag.

Despite her rough and traumatic past, she cared for these creatures since they provided her with unconditional love and companionship.

She said that she was alright on the street and that she didn’t want to leave her loyal buddies behind. In the world, they just had each other.

Finally, the authorities persuaded her to spend only one day in a shelter. After that, a compassionate lady started to assist her in learning about her dreadful situation. She distributed Chole clothes, food, and other items while also warning others to do the same.

The impoverished lady was overjoyed and grateful for the assistance. She now pays 50 pesos per day to live at a shelter. Despite the difficult circumstances, the lady remains with her furry family.

Chole is a sweet and good-natured lady, despite the fact that life has been brutal to her. She hopes the government will provide her with a location where she can keep other stray dogs.

By Anna

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