Violet the dog was discovered in a deserted house in December of 2016. A passing motorist saw her and a number of other dogs locked up with very thick metal chains that were not only preventing the canines from moving but also harming them.
Violet was roughly 2 years old when she was discovered, and Angela Stell, the founder, and director of NMDOG believes she may have spent her whole life chained up.

Violet and the other five dogs were discovered at a residence in New Mexico, where it is illegal to keep pets chained while they are not supervised by humans.

They requested that the regional county security staff go to the house to locate the owner, but the dog looked to have been abandoned. All of them were taken by NMDOG, including Violet, and the journey to rehabilitation started.

“She was terrified, and she’s still a little shy,” Stell stated. Violet may need to be abused as a result of her actions, according to them.

However, the pooch is now well and recuperating from her mental trauma, and after her recovery is complete, the loving dog will be available for adoption!

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