When a 16-year-old German shepherd mix called Bear was rescued from a shelter and brought in by an experienced foster parent, he had dermatitis. He eventually regained his healthy style and prominence after changing his name to Norman. Norman’s new mom stated, “Norman is practically deaf, so he didn’t really realize that I changed his name.”

“People of the shelter know my weakness is that of the elder dogs,” she adds. The last thing I can do is provide a comfortable place to sleep, food, and TLC for these abandoned folks. In turn, they offer me a new sense of appreciation and purpose in life.”

From the moment he arrived at the shelter until he left, Norman Bear’s metamorphosis was documented on film.

“It’s really difficult to foster for a shelter, but I try to focus on the good and know that I’m doing everything I can,” she says. “Norman has taught me a great deal,” she adds about Norman. “I hope that everyone has the opportunity to experience the love of a senior dog.” “I adore my Norman/Bear,” she told DogHirs. 

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