Pictured above is a 6-month-old Tom who is skinny and depressed. Like the sun, he is full of life, optimism, and kindness.” It was a lot of suffering for Tom to be in this condition with his front legs entirely distorted.

Unfortunatley, he was not eating, possibly because he was stressed, or perhaps because a poisonous tick had bit him. Walking is really tough for him, and I can’t image how terrible it must be for him to do so.
According to local physicians, it was a waste of time since it included just a little amount of cheese. They assured us that everything would be OK. To be honest with you, I really want him to have a happy life.

He was a charming young man who was loving, kingly, and much attracted to others.
We proceeded on to another veterinary facility, where the kind guy performed surgery.

The findings were positive, and the youngster is on the mend and sends out a warm hug to everyone.

Watch the video below…

By Anna

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