This Street Kitten was brought back to life with just a little bit of love and petting.

“On our way back from our bike ride today, Zaak and I came across this kitty in the middle of the road. Because we were crying a lot, I muted the beginning of the video. “We believed we’d be seeing her slowly die in agony,” Gloraeanna explained.

“We waited with her for ten minutes before deciding to take her to the side of the road,” said the driver. We waited, but she looked to be getting better, so we drove her home and cleaned her up.”

After being petted, the kitten became more responsive. She even began purring and meowing in the manner of a kitten. It was amazing how much of a difference it made in such a short amount of time.

The kitten was taught to drink from a bottle by them.

They are constantly caring for the kitten, and she is healing and becoming stronger with each passing day.

This is what love is capable of!

By Elen

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