An abandoned dog receives all the warmth and attention she could want close to her human best friend, who is just a year old. Their inspirational relationship is the sort of tale that makes your heart melt! The two had known each other since they were three months old.

The caring family who discovered Callie tied to a fence when she was a puppy took her in and raised her as their own. While they were baffled as to how the poor little creature had wound up there, it was clear that she had been mistreated by her prior owners based on her confused and terrifying demeanor. Because the young couple was expecting a new child, they decided it would be wonderful for him to grow up alongside a furry companion, so they adopted Callie right immediately.

Callie didn’t seem to be at ease in her new home, even though she had been received with love and compassion from the outset of her stay. The small dog was terrified because of her former owners, and she couldn’t even sleep because of her nervousness. Everything changed, however, the minute she laid eyes on Ian, the family’s newborn son. Everything was transformed. All of a sudden, Callie was able to find the comfort she needed.

Because Ian was sleeping virtually the whole day, his parents believed it would be a good idea to put Callie close to Ian to help her go asleep. Despite being restless at first, the Pit Bull-Catahoula mix ultimately finds a spot close to his human sibling and then goes asleep peacefully for the first time in a long time (if not for the first time in her life). It’s difficult to imagine a more heartwarming scene than the one captured by the parents.

Between the two of them, that touching encounter marked the beginning of a very special relationship. One that continues to warm hearts even now, since Ian and Callie seem to have been intended to be together from the minute they first met three years ago. Watch the video below to see the amazing moment these two very closest friends met for the first time!

Watch the video below:

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