Not only are there harsh and uncaring individuals in the world, but there are also nice and sympathetic ones. Natasha is one of the members of the latter group. She works hard, but she never loses sight of the fact that she must offer all possible support to homeless animals, especially in the face of a serious shortage of time. Despite her affection for and concern for animals, the lady herself never had a pet of her own since she spent too little time at home and did not see that having a pet was a major duty.

But one day, things changed for the better. On a stroll, she came across a very little dog that was snuggled on a piece of cardboard and moaned heartbreakingly. What happened to him, and why he was abandoned, was a mystery to everyone. He had a well-groomed coat and was himself clean and well-fed, indicating that he had been abandoned just a short time before. Natasha felt sad for the infant and resolved to do all she could to assist him.

First and foremost, she brought him to the veterinarian’s office and followed all of the directions to the letter. As a result, he was able to recuperate fast. First and foremost, she started looking for new owners for him who would be able to devote the necessary time to properly care for the puppy. But it wasn’t long before she realized she wanted to be a part of his family. He has become a beloved pet because, after all, who could be a greater hostess for an animal than his savior?

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By Anna

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