An older man was wandering through the woods one chilly December morning when he came upon six little bald pups. Poor animals, they looked so miserable and snuggled together to stay warm. The father transported the pups to a local animal shelter in Alabama, where they were adopted.

Veterinarians were taken aback by the state of their new patients, and they were unable to identify the breed of the patient. These people believed they were Cocker Spaniels, but they were completely mistaken.

A concerned passer-by donated six bald pups to a shelter in Montgomery, Alabama.

The staff of the shelter immediately began to treat them. The babies had practically no hair, and the skin was cracked and began to peel off.

Veterinarians speculated that these were small-breed dogs, which they confirmed.

The children were healed of scabies and placed in foster homes, where they continued to receive medical care and attention.

Puppies began to recover little by little and grow furry. The mending operations and feeding of the animals were carried on by the new owners. They were gaining weight at a rapid pace, and it became evident after a time that these were not cocker spaniels after all.

Veterinarians were unable to determine what breed these attractive guys belonged to, so they conducted a DNA test.

Upon closer inspection, they were discovered to be purebred pups of the Pyrenean mountain dog.

Dogs of this breed are large and powerful, and they have good herding abilities as well.

Puppies have developed significantly in only a few months, as shown by their new owners.

It’s hard to think that they were formerly hairless pups with a shaved head.

They are now attractive, active, and really content. All of this is possible because to a kind passerby, shelter professionals, and concerned property owners.

By Elen

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