The phrase “dogs are man’s best friends” has been repeated several times, but this anecdote demonstrates that dogs may also be best friends with one another.

Discover the story of Spanky, 6 years old, and Roman, 8 years old, who have been together since the day they were born. Everyone and everything is done in collaboration with them. Whenever one of them walks out the door, the other yells and claws at the door frame. She and her brother sleep together, play together, and you will never see one of them alone.

As Jackie Rogers, the aunt of Roman and Spanky, said to The Dodo, “Roman is undoubtedly Spanky’s comfort blanket.” In the absence of Roman, Spanky will do nothing. He constantly checks to see whether Roman is around; if he is not, Spanky gets up and walks closer to him.

One, the owners discovered that Roman was ill with ear difficulties and arranged for surgery to correct the problem, but they had to wait a few weeks before they could do so. The owners wanted to be able to keep an eye on their dogs while they were away, so they opted to install a security camera in their house.

The change was subtle at first, and no one noticed until Roman’s ear became more infected. At that point, everyone recognized that Spanky had become much more compassionate and worried for his closest buddy.

One day at work, they received a notice and were treated to the most incredible moment from these closest friends. With over a million views on Facebook and TikTok, Jackie Rogers’ video has gained widespread attention.

As you can see in the video, Spanky pulls his bed towards his sibling, where they both lie down and cuddle together. It seems that Spanky brought his bed near Roman in order for him to be more comfortable and to be closer for emotional support if needed. Isn’t it just the cutest thing?

“It’s the red one, and it’s the white one,” says Roman, referring to the two dogs. Roman is eight years old, and Spanky is six and a half years old, respectively. Having both dogs when they were pups has been a wonderful experience. In contrast to Roman, who is lively and serious, Spanky enjoys cuddling, lying down, and sunbathing anywhere he can catch a ray of sunlight. The moment we brought Spanky home, he quickly formed a relationship with Roman. Throughout the day and night, he has always snuggled up close to him.

In order to be close to Roman, Spanky must also relocate. You can hear Spanky’s crying or barking from outside as soon as the door shuts if we leave the home with Roman and he isn’t taken with us. If you check the video, he will be lying by the door that Roman came out of. Roman had a swollen ear one day, and I noticed it as we were staring at him. His ear developed a hematoma, which was discovered by my sister, who promptly brought him to the doctor. He required surgery.

When I realized his ear was large and giving him distress 5 days before the operation, I brought him to the doctor to make sure he could survive for another 5 days without his ear rupturing, and they convinced me that he could, so the day after that vet visit was the day of the film shoot. ”

Throughout the day, we can keep an eye on them thanks to a ring camera that we have installed. When I arrived at work one day, I saw that my notifications were going wild, so I checked, and that’s when I discovered the video. I immediately began watching it over and over again, unable to believe what I was seeing! I sent a text to my sister, telling her to view it, and I showed it to my colleagues as well. Later that night, we made the decision to put it on the internet so that others might view it. It was shared on my Facebook and TikTok accounts. As a result, the fire quickly spread throughout the building. ”

The procedure went well, and Roman is doing significantly better as a result of it. His cone must be worn for another week, but he has become used to it; our ankles, on the other hand, are no longer used to it. The lads have returned to their old habits of cuddling whenever they can! The fact that this movie has reached so many people and that they enjoyed it as much as we do makes my sister and me really pleased.

Boredpanda got in touch with the owners to check how the pups were getting along. “They are both doing well!” Roman will be two weeks post-surgery on Thursday, and he is entirely back to his old self. He is not allowing his recovery to slow him down in the least, even if I wish he would take things more slowly at times! Roman is a wonderful young guy who is also quite intelligent. Spanky is our goofy, crazy, and mischievous canine! Both are quite affectionate and consider themselves lapdogs. ”

So Spanky is bonded with Roman, but I had Roman first and he bonded with me. I took him everywhere as a puppy, so it’s kind of funny. We always joke about it because if we take just Roman out, he’s like “See ya, Spanky,” but then Spanky is so upset when he leaves!

As for how they came up with such wonderful names for the dogs, they said, “I really researched dog names and came across Roman, and for Spanky, we first called him Chief, but after a day of knowing him, we soon realized he suited better as Spanky.”

The owners also said that they have plans to add additional four-legged companions to their household in the future: “Dogs will always be welcome in our home!” Come on, I couldn’t picture going home to an empty house with no wagging tails to greet me! ”

After the post went viral, the owner described his or her sentiments, saying, “It was strange because, you know, we love our dogs and think they are the greatest, and I could speak and post images of them all day, but to see everyone else loving them was just an amazing feeling!”

Spanky and Roman also have some amusing peculiarities, which they revealed to the audience: “We enjoy it when Spanky gets excited and starts doing his zooms because he’s usually the lethargic one, so when he gets going, it’s quite a sight to see!” As for Roman, he doesn’t bark like he didn’t even as a puppy, but if I point at him, he will side-eye me before starting to bark, signaling that he is ready to play! “

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