Dogs have distinct personalities and destiny that are unique to them. Bertha was special. A good-natured and compassionate lady had collected all of the stray dogs on her street and was caring for them. She was a model citizen. When they arrived at the volunteer’s door, Berta encouraged them to take their time and eat slowly.

The winter was very cold and harsh. Berta, who had silky, curling hair and a fluffy tail, sat quietly every evening, anticipating the arrival of her loving caregiver. Homeless animals were not permitted to stay in their microdistrict for any reason. It was preferable to dispose of the food in the trash than to feed stray animals.

Bertha was really appreciative, and despite her intimidating look, she was also quite caring. It was the volunteer’s intention to transport all of the homeless animals to a shelter, but there were only a few spots available and they were always full. All she could do was provide food and cuddle Bertha, and that was all. The ancient guys, despite their obvious delight at the gathering, did not come close to joining in.

Everything changed when Berta woke up one morning and started to wag her tail at the sight of her wonderful buddy. Her heart shattered as she left the house with a bag of goodies. The dog seemed to be exceedingly depressed and destitute. Her wool was dripping wet and covered with ice, and she was shivering.

The young lady was adamant about not abandoning the puppy on the street. She did all she could to persuade Bertha to allow her to enter via the door that she was constantly kicked out of. The lady was successful in completing her task. Bertha emerged in front of her home and said hello.

She was permitted to sit on a couch this time after being caressed and affectionately dried from the snow and grime she had accumulated. The dog fell asleep embracing his first toy, which he had never played with before. He was exhausted and utterly content.

By Elen

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