It is not a new phenomenon that there are so many cruel and vile people who simply put their pets in a garbage bin since they are considered to be a non-essential item.

Fortunately, there is a happy ending to this story. During the course of their duties, two sanitation employees were dumping waste bags into the truck when they became aware of a noise.

They were completely taken aback when they discovered a little kitten in one of the crates. When the small creature first appeared, it was terrified and bewildered. He was only pleading for assistance.

To calm him down, one of the staff placed him on his chest. It was quite comforting!

After that, the cute critter was sent to an animal rescue facility. She received medicine and excellent care while there before being placed in a foster family. The two coworkers who had taken note of her presented her with a bed as a gift.

Now, the small baby is in a foster family where she is cared after and nurtured in a warm environment. She is on the road to recovery and recovery from her health concerns. And we hope that she will be able to find a permanent home and begin a new, happy life with someone.

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By Elen

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