As we face a severe conflict scenario in Ukraine, it is clear that many people are leaving their own homes in order to be spared from their circumstances. However, they do not want to leave their pets and do not want to attempt to cross the border with them.

According to reports, Poland, Slovakia, and Romania are now allowing individuals to bring their dogs across national borders without having to provide a veterinarian certificate.

Despite this, there are several animals in need of food, shelter, and care, including stray cats and dogs, which may be found on the streets. And the good-natured volunteers choose to remain in their own nation in order to safeguard and care for the affectionate animals.

Here are several groups who are in desperate need of assistance in order to save abandoned animals.


This organization is collecting contributions in order to provide food and adequate living circumstances for stray dogs and cats. They have provided them with a great deal of aid throughout the years. And now they’re staying to make sure they don’t go.

Happy Paw

This organization provides assistance to animals in shelters by providing them with medicine and proper care. The crew is currently on the lookout for information regarding the animals and their deficiencies. According to their Facebook page, all of the animals are alive and will have enough food to last them for a few days. However, there is a significant challenge in delivering all of the items they need.

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