Morwen is here to meet you! She’s a gorgeous 1-year-old rescue kitten from Georgia who is also blind.

Poor Morwen had been the victim of brutality and neglect before she was rescued and placed in a loving home.

Despite the fact that life had been unkind to her, she persisted!

She has shown herself to be quite resilient throughout her life.

Morwen’s mother, Tati Romeo, is the director of Lost Cats Georgia, and she tells us everything about her remarkable child in the following narrative.

A Rough Start

Morten was rescued from a hoarding scenario in a state of deplorable condition.

The burst of both of her eyes, caused by a severe upper respiratory illness, necessitated their removal, leaving her completely blind.

With the exception of Morwen, all of the cats from the hoarding case were adopted.

When I met her, everything changed for me.

I was over over heels in love with her the moment I lay eyes on her!

In fact, she managed to enchant me, which is why I gave her the name “Morwen.”

She is named after a well-known witch who lived in the Enchanted Forest Chronicles and had eight cats.

Cats like Morwen, in my opinion, are particularly exceptional, rather than having special requirements. I favor the ones that are really exceptional.

All three of my cats are visually challenged, but they don’t let that stop them from doing what they want.

It’s incredible how resilient cats can be!

Cats that are a bit different from the norm should be celebrated, and prospective adopters should be informed that these sweet spirits make fantastic companions.

Cats that are visually handicapped manage to continue on with their lives and flourish.

We can learn a lot from cats, believe it or not!

What is Morwen’s personality like?

Morwen is a strong and bold woman.

She’s the matriarch of the family, and she puts her brother and sister in their proper position in it.

When I first met her, she had a terrible time climbing and was sometimes too afraid to even attempt. She has now improved dramatically.

I bought stairs to assist her so she could easily climb on the couch, bed, and cat tree.

Her ability to climb to the very top of our six-foot-tall cat tree and hang there without a care in the world is something I am quite proud of.

She’s very secure, isn’t afraid, and doesn’t let being blind stop her!

What has been the impact of Morwen on your life thus far?
In 2014, I was on the verge of losing my eyesight. It was a terrifying period in my life.

When I realized that I may become fully blind, it was a wake-up call for me.

Fortunately, I was able to have the required brain surgery, which allowed me to keep my eyesight.

My feelings for Morwen are particularly strong as a result of all I’ve been through.

She had lost her sight, but it didn’t stop her from enjoying her best life to the fullest.

She has taught me a great deal and serves as a constant reminder of how grateful I am.

I am really glad for the opportunity to be her caretaker.

The goal of this project is to bring attention to exceptional cats while also educating those who are contemplating adopting a rescue pet.

Cats that are a bit unusual, but deserving of a lot of affection, have a special place in the heart of the world.

Blind is beautiful!

By Elen

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