For a dog that is forced to live on the streets, life is extremely difficult. These miserable animals are anxiously attempting to find refuge wherever they can find it since they have neither food nor a roof over their heads. This small dog was living in the vicinity of a petrol station, asking for scratching and hoping that one day someone would come along and take her in as a pet. It’s the genuine deal! Fortunately, she has a happy conclusion to her tale!

A series of images and videos of a very friendly dog who has been greeting everyone at this gas station in Ukraine with a big smile and her tail wagging have surfaced online. These images and videos have attracted the attention of some very generous people whose mission is to assist as many helpless animals as they possibly can.

After seeing the footage, the group’s creator – an angel who describes herself as a real “dog lover” who is “willing to go to any length to aid an animal in need” – hopped in her vehicle and drove directly to the location where the puppy was being held hostage.

After being rescued, the dog was rushed to the veterinarian since she didn’t seem to be in the greatest of health. Fortunately, it wasn’t anything severe, and after a quick trip to the groomer, the dog they called Linda was allowed to enter a house for what was possibly the first time in her life, where she was properly fed.

Linda, who is believed to be approximately two years old, has swiftly acclimated to her new environment and seems to be happy than ever. She will remain with her savior for a period of time, until the compassionate lady is able to locate some loving parents who are prepared to accept Linda into their family!

More about this heartwarming story in the video below!

By Elen

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